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  1. Jonathan concluded his blog with the “The end result if they did so would be that all their grantees functioned more effectively in meeting their end mission objectives at a far more reasonable and efficient cost than supporting the individual capacity needs of each of the entities separately. ”

    Agreed. But what are the ways to make this happen? I propose that when non profits begin to think “we” instead of “me” some will demonstrate the power of working as a group, rather than just competing with each other. A group of organizations banding together to create publicity, or to fund tech support for all of the organizations in the group might be a example of this. The expamples of Compumentor or Npower demonstrate how a third party can put together a service and offer it at low/no-cost to a group of organizations … if they can find funding from a donor(s) who support the mission of those organizations.

    Do you know of any web sites where these concepts are being mapped, or diagramed? Or where links to effective models are being collected and discussed? I’ve a links library and discussion forum at http://www.tutormentorconnection.org and I’d like to aggregate examples of organizations working together to build capacity, quality and lower costs of operations. If you or your readers know of youth serving capacity building networks that seem to be effective, please submit the link so we can build a library.

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