was a comprehensive, searchable database directory of administrative resources designed to assist nonprofit’s leverage their own capacity using the trusted source networks of information and resources they rely upon. See a presentation of on YouTube.

Capaciteria promoted peer review by allowing members to comment on and rate individual resource links. The system became more useful to users every time someone rated or commented on a resource. Users could also add their own useful new links. Members used the ‘Favorites’ feature to personalize their list.

Capaciteria had over 120 major categories and over 2500 nonprofit resources (links, articles, books, research, forms, etc.) set up in a directory structure similar to Yahoo! They ranged from finance to facilities management and included significant resources on the most popular nonprofit queries such as volunteer management, philanthropic services, fund raising services, nonprofit jobs and technology resources. Resources came from the nonprofit, commercial, government and educational sector and all could be rated and commented on.

In 2104, an effort was undertaken to consolidate and aggregate capacity resources for the benefit of the nonprofit sector. Internaut Consuting agreed to merge its resources with IdeaEncore and transfer the information from its platform to IdeaEncore’s. One Year later Nonprofit Direct, IdeaEncore and Capaciteria all agreed to a merger with the Good Done Great Network to further aggregate both administrative and program resources on a new online platform: