New Online Nonprofit Capacity Resource: Now Available

on November 15, 2006
in Blog

Capaciteria is a FREE service designed to help nonprofits find the best resources to build their institutional capacity. Nonprofit capacity support is a critical issue, and like all mission-based issues nonprofits deal with, resolving the problem has two major components. One involves tangible resourcing. The other involves useful information to help nonprofits make better decisions just as they assist their own constituencies. Capaciteria addresses the information component of the nonprofit capacity support issue by providing useful resources.

Significant effort has been made in collecting the resources that are often most desirable and sought after: nonprofit jobs, donation and in-kind resources, philanthropy resources, advocacy resources, and volunteer resources in addition to the categories like financial management and accounting, evaluation, telecommunications, human resources and a variety of other categories of resources that were added.

You can find this resource here

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