Jonathan Peizer has been one of the most influential thinkers in my evolution with Benetech.
~ Founder/CEO at Benetech and MacArthur Fellowship award winner

Jim Fruchterman

Jonathan is a truly visionary technology leader. I had the privilege of working for him at the dawn of the internet age and both his insight, and foresight, with regards to the emerging paradigm shifts had a significant influence on my career. It has been a real pleasure to see the tremendous impact he has had at both OSI and across the entire NGO space.
~ Technical Program Manager at Facebook

Mark Lambert

Jonathan is a razor sharp social impact and technology professional whose skill is in bringing a project to its optimum success. He is modest about the impact his ideas and delivery of the technology to support them has had in Central and Eastern Europe and other parts of the world. He is a true hybrid; spanning technology, strategy, methodology, and philosophical and practical philanthropy with great aplomb. With over two decades of experience behind him, Jonathan is at the top of his field and will bring clarity and vision to any project.
~ Chief Digital Officer | Cofounder

Sarah Hughes

I worked with Jonathan in Eastern Europe in the 90’s as he managed the Open Society Institutes network for Soros Foundations, when we were building the first Internet back bone by VSAT in the former SUS regions. Though the tasks he had to deal with were massive in all aspects (logistics, funding, personnel etc), he never lost the dedication and focused drive. The work would not have been accomplished with out him. Truly miss the regular meetings and discussions we had.
~ Partner and co-founder at Partner in BasicInternet AS

Eigil Breda Gronneberg

It’s difficult to describe Jonathan Peizer’s role as a nonprofit technology advocate and strategist – those who don’t know him will think I’m exaggerating! If you want to know what he can do as a entrepreneur for the greater good, take a look at Capaciteria. If you want a sample of the incisive thinking behind his work, read The Dynamics of Technology for Social Change. He is the go-to guy when you want real impact.
~ Senior Strategist, Company NameTech Networks of Boston

Deborah Elizabeth Finn

Jon is one of the smartest people I’ve ever met, and a leader in his field. We worked together successfully on many worthy projects while he was at OSI, and I hope to continue working closely with him in his new career!
~ Director, Digital Resource Center at Center for News Literacy

Rory O’Connor

My vision of a perfect C-level leader. I had his [Jonathan’s] full support during the project and beyond. He did a fantastic job to bring funds to Eastern Europe in the early Internet days. His work had enormous impact on bringing Eastern Europe countries on the Global Village map. If you want someone to build you a high-impact NGO, you should hire him as CIO.
~ MITM, PMP, CHCIO — AVP IT at University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System

Ilir Zenku

Jonathan, former CTO for the Open Society Institute and author of Dynamics of Technology for Social Change (2006), is particularly astute on how international NGOs use, and could use, networked information and communications technologies (ICTs) both to bring their own organizational practices more in line with international business standards and as leverage in their programs.
~ Professor of Anthropology at Catholic University of America

Jon W. Anderson

Jonathan’s article “20 Tips Every Strategic Grant Seeker Should Know” shows concrete ways for grant seekers to develop relationships with and demonstrate value to grant makers. He also provides a list of ways to ensure you are developing a focused and concise proposal. Of particular use was his advice, weaved throughout the article, on how grant seekers should think like donors.
~ Development Director at Epilepsy Foundation of Central and South Texas

Lee Tinker

Related to his Open Society Foundation work: “Peizer is one of the few people … doing something useful instead of criticizing what everyone else is doing.”
~ Science and higher education communicator

Martin Ince

Peter Deitz and I were fortunate enough to have been grilled by Jonathan (and Gavin Clabaugh, what a one-two team) when we were promoting a pre-launch Social Actions at N2Y3 in 2008. Throughout Social Actions’ development, I returned again and again to the advice and critique that Jonathan doled out during that 2-hour conversation, checking them against our practice and progress and doing my best to align them. 5 years (and counting) of positive ripple effects from a single conversation. A highly recommended ratio.
~ Co-Leader Social Actions Technology/Philanthropy Start-up

Christine Egger

Jonathan is a visionary who understood the power of the Internet before most people and supported its growth in myriad ways at Open Society. His insightful writing has always helped me understand the world a little better, and I am pleased to count JP as a friend long after our work together.
~ Consulting Producer at InterAct

Evelyn Messenger

Jonathan’s pragmatic approach to building the infrastructure necessary to expand Internet access throughout Eastern and Central Europe in the early 1990s enabled him to successfully oversee a large team of experts in over 25 counties. Jonathan is extremely capable of overseeing large endeavors without losing grasp of the importance of day to day management. He made important strategic decisions that paved the way for the expansion of Internet access for all sectors of civil society so vital after the fall of communism in EC Europe. Those who reported to him always expressed how the admired his open leadership style; he is in charge, but is open to all team members contributions.
~ Director, Adult Learning Center at Lehman College

Patricia Mullen

Jonathan is the best Director of Information System?s I ever worked with throughout my 22 year career. He understood how to motivate and manage myself and the other staff to get the most out of us and meet project objectives. He was also the best communicator with other departments. He is the definitely the best technology and new media resource for foundations and non-profits.
~ President, Method Group, Inc.

Eddy Wong