ICT Strategy Development & Facilitation

The John Templeton Foundation serves as a philanthropic catalyst for research and discoveries relating to what scientists and philosophers call the “Big Questions”. The foundation required an internal technology strategy evaluation consisting of benchmarking its current status, evaluating its ICT staffing and assisting the new Director develop strategy.

Internaut Consulting was retained to facilitate the Templeton Foundation IT strategy project meeting of all stakeholders to discuss what they currently liked about their technology implementation strategy, what they didn’t like and what they expected from it in order to build consensus around overall approach and priority definition. This was a precursor the step, a more comprehensive effort to benchmark the foundation’s technology efforts against other foundations and third party entities, assess its strengths and weaknesses and make appropriate recommendations.

Through a series of user interviews, survey, and facilitation Internaut Consulting benchmarked the foundation’s efforts in about 20 areas against those of other foundations of similar size and scope. It identified where the foundation exceeded, satisfied or was wanting in its ICT efforts. Internaut Consulting then reviewed current IT trends, explained them and developed a proposed integrated ICT strategy for the foundation going forward. This resulted in the hiring of an internal ICT director and most of the strategy recommendations being adopted. Internaut Consulting was then recalled to assist the new director in developing an operational plan and prioritizing initiatives to carry out the new strategy.