E-Commerce/SROI Initiative

Greentealovers is a socially responsible business focused on the sale and information related to high-antioxidant green and white tea. It was started by the Principal of Internaut Consulting, Jonathan Peizer and the proceeds have gone into increasing energy efficiency at Internaut Consulting. It’s the combination of his interest in the healing effects* of green tea as well as in e-commerce solutions. Because Internaut consulting works with clients that do business on the net, it took a pragmatic approach to understanding the business and the issues of commerce on the net and learning by doing. All aspects of the business from developing the sites web presence to order fulfillment is done by Internaut Consulting.

* The oldest tea specialty book in Japan, Kissa Yojoki (how to stay healthy by drinking tea) was the two-volume book written in 1211 by the fanmous Zen priest Eisai after his second and last visit to China. The first sentence states, Tea is the ultimate mental and medical remedy and has the ability to make one’s life more full and complete.

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