The best option for engagement when the work involves a well-defined project with specific deliverables and measurable objectives.

Prior to each major assignment, Internaut Consulting does an interview to determine:

  • Are what you want and what you need the same?
  • What are your assignment objectives?
  • What value & benefit is derived from meeting the objectives?
  • What metrics will you apply to measure success against objectives?
  • What value a partnership with Internaut Consulting provides?
  • What the benefit of this approach is to you?

Value is derived from satisfying an objective, not just delivering a process. As an example, if a client defines a survey as what they want, it may represents only a tactical intervention – a means to an end. What the client may actually need is better cross-functional collaboration of a team and improved response time from its constituency. Internaut Consulting tries to insure the real objectives are understood and met.