The best option when the value sought is expert counsel/advice rather than projects with predefined deliverables and finite scope.

We characterize retainer services as a ‘brain extension’ — providing clients value-added brainstorming, material review/edits, alternative organizational and project strategies, assumption testing and human networking. With over two decades of experience working in philanthropies, nonprofits and the private sector, Internaut Consulting brings a wealth of experience and a significant human network to any planning process that involves weighing options and plotting the right course. Internaut Consulting offers this service in unit allocations of anywhere from one to twelve months. A typical retainer is three months with a minimum of ten hours per month. Retainer services focus on quality access and responsiveness versus on site presence. On site visits are scheduled around mutually agreed upon times. In the course of a retainer arrangement, discreet projects may emerge. These are addressed as independent work assignments in accordance with our project work methodology.