US Agency for International Development (AECOM)

Fact Macedonia: Online Media Resource to Counter Fake News in Macedonia

The media environment in Macedonia is populated by outlets managed by particular parties and ideologies, some funded by outside sources providing fake stories to influence opinion. The project was designed to counter those influences and involved creating an online media resource in Macedonian, Albanian and English (for the large Macedonian diaspora) with a social media component. The strategy was to design the platform to work like, and integrate with, popular social media platforms and to use social media influencers to move people discreetly to more objective news sources. The original project implementers were a cultural entity in Skopje with a large constituency and mailing list (80,000) of progressive young users. The project was to be self sustainable largely by selling space to advertisers while keeping it free for subscribers and encouraging them to sign up.

The Principal of Internaut Consulting was involved in the development of the platform, articulation of the influencer strategy and user requirements document in addition to developing the evaluation parameters for the IT firm contracted to develop the platform. In addition, Internaut Consulting worked with the implementers on the preliminary marketing and sustainability plan to influence users, advertisers and legitimate media outlets to sign up and use it.

While is country for the assignment above, Internaut Consulting was contracted separately to assist in the initial formation of a National ICT Strategy for Macedonia. In this context the Principal developed job descriptions for various project personnel, recommended some implementers for the project and researched the best in class examples of national ICT plan development strategy frameworks, existing national ICT plans and comparative reviews.

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Commons Global HealthFund

Development Strategy Support

Internaut Consulting was retained to advise the Commons Global HealthFund on the most effective strategy to approach donors with their new investment concept for health support.

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Data Systems International (Eccovia)

Market Development Strategy Evaluation

Internaut Consulting was retained to evaluate an NGO market development strategy developed by corporate client Data Systems International (now Eccovia) for Clienttrack a Case Management/CRM software as a service.

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U.S. Government

ICT as a Strategic Change Agent in Repressive Regimes

Internaut Consulting was retained to provide an analysis of technology and its potential for political change in Eurasia for an international agency of the US Government (anonymous). It addressed what elements facilitates technology as an effective strategic change agent in repressive or autocratic circumstances based on the Principal’s experience exploiting technology for social change in over 75 countries.

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Doris Duke Charitable Foundation

Jazz.Next Program and Grantee Evaluation

Jazz.Next was a project of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation in association with the MidAtlantic Arts Foundation. The Jazz.Next initiative was designed to foster creative thinking that can result in the development of new models to help shape future operating practice for jazz artists, organizations, and presenters across the United States.

Internaut Consulting was retained to evaluate program proposals submitted to the program and then do a comprehensive evaluation of the efficacy of the project’s pilot technology grants as well as the Jazz.Next project itself. The project was designed to test models of art support and shape future operating practices and strategies meeting the long-term challenges and changing environment in the field of jazz. The results of this evaluation and lessons learned were used in a more broadly based art’s philanthropy initiative later executed by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.

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Ford Foundation

Media Policy Program Survey and Strategic Review

The Ford Foundation media policy arm of the Knowledge, Creativity & Freedom Program required a survey of its constituency to determine what next step strategies could be taken in supporting them.

Internaut Consulting was retained by Ford’s Media Policy Director to develop a capacity support and evaluation survey for the Electronic Media portfolio, assessing the needs of its media justice grantees after five years of seed funding to build their capacity and encourage collaboration. The survey revealed what these media organizations wanted and the capacity support they received were not always in sync and needed to be modified.

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Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation

Technology Transfer Project

Kauffman Innovation Network iBridgeSM is a program of the Kauffman Innovation Network launched by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. The iBridge Network was designed as an online technology transfer platform to more effectively disseminate and license the outputs of early-stage research by linking university researchers with broader academic and end-user communities. The initiative was in need of client-based strategy for each of the various stakeholders involved.

Internaut Consulting was retained to develop strategies and tactics to identify and address all project stakeholders including the ‘buyer’, ‘seller’ and technology transfer administrator. Breaking out the different stakeholders and addressing strategies for each of them had not been done previously. The final recommendations covered multiple sectors and support opportunities for each of these stakeholders.

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JHAI Foundation

General Strategic Support

JHAI Foundation is A non-profit organization bringing communication and sustainable services to rural communities lacking electricity or telephones. It required general strategic program support and initiative prioritization.

Internaut Consulting was retained to provided general support for strategic direction and partnership opportunities primarily for Jhai’s sustainable training and village PC projects. This involved assisting in defining direction and focus at various milestones in the project’s development as well as focusing the overall strategy on the issue area of health. As a result, Jhai developed appropriate messaging and pilot technology in the health area to solicit sustained support for further scaling and deployment.


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Behealthwise (AFPH)

NGO Creation, Strategy and Prioritization Project

BeHealthWise/AFPH network in association with NYU Medical school and other health clinics engages in targeted, local language outreach [versus centralized clinical care], referrals and follow-up for specific medical conditions that typically effect at-risk immigrant communities. It then engages in objective data collection to demonstrate the success of these interventions and efficacy of care and how they affect medical outcomes for this community. The BeHealthWise required support setting itself as an NGO.

Internaut Consulting was retained to assist the nascent network in better defining and articulating its strategy as it moved from an academic program to a self-sufficient nonprofit organization with newly formed health clinic partnerships.

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Eurasia Foundation

ICT Strategy Development

The Eurasia Foundation funds programs that build democratic and free market institutions in the twelve New Independent States (NIS) of the former Soviet Union. It required a short and mid-term technology strategy.

Internaut Consulting was retained to assess the foundation’s current and long term internal systems strategy. At its request, Internaut Consulting prioritized needs and recommended short term ICT initiatives for the fund to engage in during the interim period as it searched for and hired an internal Systems Director. Internaut Consulting also assisted in prioritizing and defining the job description and skill sets a good Systems Director would need at the current stage of the organization’s development while it was decentralizing its activities.

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