Data Systems International (Eccovia)

Market Development Strategy Evaluation

Internaut Consulting was retained to evaluate an NGO market development strategy developed by corporate client Data Systems International (now Eccovia) for Clienttrack a Case Management/CRM software as a service.

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International Development Research Centre

Peer Review Evaluation on Global Impact Study of Public Access to ICT

Internaut Consulting was retained by the IDRC, based on its work with telecenters and public library access, to peer review and comment on the University of Washington’s multi-year research study of public access ICT venues around the world.

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Doris Duke Charitable Foundation

Jazz.Next Program and Grantee Evaluation

Jazz.Next was a project of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation in association with the MidAtlantic Arts Foundation. The Jazz.Next initiative was designed to foster creative thinking that can result in the development of new models to help shape future operating practice for jazz artists, organizations, and presenters across the United States.

Internaut Consulting was retained to evaluate program proposals submitted to the program and then do a comprehensive evaluation of the efficacy of the project’s pilot technology grants as well as the Jazz.Next project itself. The project was designed to test models of art support and shape future operating practices and strategies meeting the long-term challenges and changing environment in the field of jazz. The results of this evaluation and lessons learned were used in a more broadly based art’s philanthropy initiative later executed by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.

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Ford Foundation

Media Policy Program Survey and Strategic Review

The Ford Foundation media policy arm of the Knowledge, Creativity & Freedom Program required a survey of its constituency to determine what next step strategies could be taken in supporting them.

Internaut Consulting was retained by Ford’s Media Policy Director to develop a capacity support and evaluation survey for the Electronic Media portfolio, assessing the needs of its media justice grantees after five years of seed funding to build their capacity and encourage collaboration. The survey revealed what these media organizations wanted and the capacity support they received were not always in sync and needed to be modified.

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Council on Foundations

ICT for Philanthropy Strategy Development

To promote 21st century philanthropy and better support its membership in the strategic use or current and emerging technologies the Council of Foundations (CoF) initiated a new technology task force. CoF initiated this task force as an opportunity to upgrade its own profile in this important area to the sector.

Internaut Consulting was retained to assist in the first phase of task force development to define its focus, primary deliverables and membership through a series of interviews with technology leaders in the sector. Internaut suggested branding the Initiative ICT for P (Information and Communications for Philanthropy) in keeping with the well known ICT for D(evelopment) acronym. In the second phase, Internaut worked with the task force membership to create a proposal of recommendations to the Council on Foundation’s board in the areas of standards, policy, knowledge management, effective philanthropy, NGO partnerships and demonstration projects.

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William & Flora Hewlett Foundation

Program Facilitation for the Open Education Platform:

Internaut Consulting was also retained to facilitate the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation’s Open Education Platform discussion convened with a number of developers and educators in an effort to consolidate a cooperative strategy going forward.

Proposal Evaluation for Performing Arts Program and Open Education Platform

The William & Flora Hewlett Foundation makes grants to organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area to ensure that art is created, performed, and preserved, and more opportunities are provided to participate in arts experiences. The program required support evaluating a competitive RFP to develop an on online interactive GIS mapping of the performing arts community in San Francisco.

Internaut Consulting was retained to review the initial RFP before it was released to strengthen deliverables and clarify what was being asked as well as responding to vendor questions and developing criteria for evaluating the proposals. Internaut Consulting reviewed the proposals to select the strongest provider of technical services, content identification and data collection.

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Proposal Evaluation/Grant Writing

Internaut Consulting was retained to evaluate and write part of a social entrepreneurship proposal for the Middle East for IREX. IREX is a US-based nonprofit organization committed to international education in academic research, professional training and technical assistance.

Internaut’s contribution distinguished the difference between social entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility, both elements of the proposed program. It also articulated the common elements of success that promote scaling in a social enterprise, and the associated training needed to be included in the program.

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Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Global Library Program Eastern European Expansion Strategy

A program of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation designed to provide free public internet access in libraries for the general public and particularly the disenfranchised in rural and urban areas. The program needed a full spectrum of support for its entry into Eastern Europe and Eurasia.

Internaut Consulting was retained to provide in-country research, create and review country proposals, and engage in strategic and implementation planning to evaluate the potential for a number of new countries in Central and Eastern Europe to participate in the program. Work also included refining program administration and procurement RFP’s once countries were selected, and then reviewing and selecting 3rd party country program implementers. Internaut Consulting was additionally contracted to provide ongoing strategic advice related to the entire program in Central & Eastern Europe and did on the ground pre-program assessment in Kyrgyzstan, Bulgaria and the Ukraine as well as desk research for Poland, Romania and Mongolia.

Internaut Consulting separately retained to assist the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation with their ICTD internal information gathering initiative by creating research reports for them on the state of non-profit capacity and the state of ICT in Central & Eastern Europe and Central Asia including Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, the Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia.

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Carnegie Corporation

Facilitation of Libraries in Africa Program & ICT Education Proposal Evaluation

Internaut Consulting was retained to evaluate a number of capacity support proposals and international education and technology proposals for a couple of Carnegie Corporation program areas over a number of years.

Internaut Consulting was also retained to facilitate the Carnegie Corporation’s five year strategy objectives discussion for universities and libraries in Africa hosted by its International development program.

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