Older Projects from the Principal
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Creation of Social Venture ISP's

The Principal worked with local entities to set up 'social mission' Internet service providers (ISPs) meeting the needs of different segments of civil society. This involved dealing with the myriad licensing and contract issues. Once the civil society need was met and a viable market for Internet services existed, the ISPs evolved into sustainable and profitable commercial or nonprofit ventures in Macedonia, Romania, Moldova, Hungary and Kyrgystan (examples: http://www.dntb.ro, http://www.dnt.md).

Converting an Unsustainable Publication into a Sustainable E-Zine


Transitions was an offline scholarly journal with a limited subscription base with an unsupportable one million dollar per year administrative budget. The Principal worked with the editors to create a virtual publication instead which reduced the operating budget by two thirds and generated income through a combination of advertising, subscriptions and donor subsidies to stay viable.

Bypassing Censorship through the Internet and Metrics


The Principal brought together a technical advisory board of individuals and organizations representing different skill sets to assist an organization bypass Internet censorship by a third country and generate civil society information into it. Metrics were developed to measure success and trends so that subsequent broadcasting of material into that country continued to be successful.


A New Method of Doing Human Rights in The Middle East

A New Method of Doing Human Rights in The Middle East

The Principal assisted in negotiations that brought the Middle Eastern Human Rights efforts from DePaul University (specialty: International Human Rights Courts), The University of Minnesota (specialty: online human rights library of resources in Arabic), Human Rights Watch (specialty: Arabic information and local NGO organizing capabilities) and Human Rights Education Associates (specialty: online human rights training and Arabic resources) into a single project providing information training and NGO outreach in a breakthrough Arab Human Rights site.


Keeping Important Human Assets Connected

The Open Society institute was know for its flexibility in adapting to support of new issues and closing down old initiatives when they had achieved their objectives. The problem was that closing down programs often resulted in loosing human expertise (staff, consultants, grantees, etc..) that might be useful to new initiatives years after the first program shut down or who wished to stay connected to the network. At the same time, the founder was also examining ways to keep people connected. The Principal partnered with the Scholarships area to create the OSINetworker -- an intuitive alumni system to keep friends of OSI connected. Each person has a full personality profile and can link to other 'friends'.

Fostering Cooperative Innovation Funding

The Principal was a founding member and Board Chair of the Innovation Funders Network, an effort to assist funders of innovation and technology to learn about each other's efforts and innovation occurring in the field. The association allows funding colleague members to share resources and experiences and support useful activities through this new knowledge.

Supporting New Ways to Fund Nonprofit Efforts

The Principal advised director of UniversalGiving on marketing strategy and mechanisms for appropriate quality control as well as potential collaboration partners and philanthropic interest. is dedicated to making giving and volunteering a natural part on everyday life. UniversalGiving enables anyone to contribute to exceptional organizations around the world. Web site visitors search by a focus (such as education or human rights) and a geographic area (such as Eastern Africa or Pakistan). Founded in 2002, UniversalGiving is the only organization that takes no cut on donations, promotes both giving and volunteering, and provides a quality control model. This model ensures all NGOs are identified by quality, international interest groups and experts. UniversalGiving also provides a customized service for corporations, UniversalGiving Corporate, which facilitates international volunteering and giving programs. The service is also customized for investment banks and high net worth clients interested in strategic philanthropy.

Building an International System for Student Exchange and Development

When PC's, networking and critical systems development on PCs was still relatively new in the mid-80's The Principal designed a system for student exchange and alumni tracking that was ultimately used in 26 countries. He performed the entire systems lifecycle function of the project from user design, to programming, data conversion, documentation, training, implementation and definition of international data transfer standards, (The systems needed to 'talk' to each other matching students and families). E-mail was implemented in the organization to assist in the transfer of the data.

Developing and Managing the Technical Efforts of Three Organizations

The Principal began his career managing the Technical Departments as Systems Director and CIO for a number of organizations including AFS International, Cheyenne Software and the Open Society Institute. In the early 80's he designed a system for one of the earliest uses of PC's at Citicorp, managing 11 billion dollars of assets for the Money Market Division.